All About Acres

Did you know that lot size is one of the top three criteria folks have for purchasing a home?  So lots with homes may be less than a tenth of an acre, while others can be hundred to thousands of acres.  So what exactly is an acre? An acre is approximately 43,560 square feet; that number is equivalent, for example, to a 200 feet by 217.8 feet lot.

As we mentioned, lot size is one of the biggest factors that buyers are looking for in a home.  Some people may prefer a bigger home on a smaller lot, while others want more than an acre and smaller house.  It really is all based on what you may be looking for.

Smaller Lots

Smaller lots have their advantages and disadvantages.  One major advantage…less yard work.  If you despise having to mow a large amount of land, an acre may be what you want.  There are some cities that have lots of less than 0.1 acres; that would certainly be stress free yard work.  Unfortunately, when you purchase a smaller lot, it takes away the options to expand.  There may not be enough room for an additional shed, let along a pool or added garage.  Many big cities, especially in the heart of the city, cater to someone who would want less land.   This is where you will find more townhouses and condos.

Larger Lots

Larger lots are great for those who want some seclusion or land for agricultural uses.  Lots of three to hundreds/thousands of acres would suit this home buyer.  The larger lots can give you that feel of having the world all your own, especially with lots where the home is surrounded by woods.  For the agriculturist, you have the land available for farming, horses and other farm animals.  The downside to having all this land…is it is a lot of land.  For those looking for low maintenance, the larger lots may not be the first choice.  These would/could mean a lot of upkeep.  Also, if you plan to farm the land make sure, before you buy, that the city’s zoning regulations allow it.  If you a buy a wooded lot and plan to build, you have to think of the costs of removing the timber from the land to open up space to build.

Whether you are looking for a large or small amount of land is each’s own preference.  Just make sure that you look at costs for upkeep of the property and that the zoning regulations are all in order for your needs and wants.

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