Are You Ready to Buy a Home?

Before you think about buying a home, there are some questions you should ask yourself.  These questions mainly focus on your financial stability and ability to pay for the home in the long-term.  The first question is, is your job stable?  When getting into a long-term purchase, such as a home, you want to make sure you will have the funds available in the future.  paying back a loan is a big commitment.

Next, who much can you afford?  Figuring out your budget and knowing what you can afford, for a mortgage payment, is huge.  Even though you may be pre-approved for a certain amount of money, is it something you can easily afford.  For this, you will want to speak with a lender.  They can explain the process of the applying for the loan, what the current mortgage rates are and if there are any promotions at their mortgage company.  Many times, lenders will have discounts on closing costs for first-time-home-buyers.  As well, there are different loan types that do not require the typical 20% down payment.  These are all items that your lender will go over with you.

It boils down to, make sure your purchase is not going to put you in a bind.  Make sure you have, and will have, the funds to cover the mortgage and other expenses, without issue.  Happy house hunting!

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