Don’t Over-Fix Your Home Before Selling It

You may feel like there are a lot of things that you want to fix before selling your home.  It is not a bad thing to want to fix items that you feel need fixing.  However, you want to avoid over-fixing items.  Make sure what you are repairing will lead to a nice ROI (return on investment).

Before you start fixing items, consult with your real estate agent.  They will be able to tell you if the fix is worth the money in the long run.  They will able to steer you in the right direction as to what repairs and updates will be the most profitable.

Here are some of the items that may not give you the best return for the money and effort.

  1. Landscaping and paint:   This can lead to a lot of work that may be unnecessary.  If there are areas where the paint or landscaping is overly distracting, than that may be a time to do some touchups and fixes.  As long as the house is neat and clean and does not have pealing paint everywhere, you should be okay.
  2. Electrical:  When a home inspection is done, you will find out the electrical issues that will need to be fixed.  Other items like dead outlets or unused switches may not be a high of a priority.  Focus on what the inspector says needs fixed, then if you have time, spend a small amount of time working on the other items.
  3. Driveway/Sidewalk:  If your cement/asphalt has just some hairline cracks, most people will look past it.  If you have huge gaping cracks or holes, this will be a turn off and should be repaired.
  4. Worn/Older Items:  You may have some older appliances lying around the house that you want to replace of before showings start.  If it is not something that is essential to the house, it can be much easier to just get rid of it than replace it.  If you have old, mismatched appliances, instead of replacing all of them, try replacing them with good, used items that do match.

These are just some items that may not be worth the money in the long run to fix or replace.  As mentioned earlier, before you do any work, speak with your real estate agent to see if the changes will be the best return on investment.

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