First Time Home Buyer’s Checklist

Congratulations, you have closed on your first home!   There are so many things you can do with your new home, but here are a few you might want to do first.


First, you should change the locks and any passcodes.  You never know who the previous owner let have the codes. Secondly, make sure all smoke detectors, alarm systems and fire extinguishers work properly.  If not, it is a small purchase that could save you a lot of money in an emergency.

Preventative Maintenance

The following items are ones that you should do when you first move in, but should also be put on a preventative maintenance plan.  If your new home has a dryer, you will want to clean the hose and vent.  If the end of the vent is open, birds can get in and try to build a nest (I know from experience).  Check to see if the hose has debris in it and the vent is full of lint; these can lead to fire hazards.  HVAC units are another item that you should check regularly. You should be changing the filters and having maintenance done at least once a year (twice is preferred).  If you have an older refrigerator, it is good to clean the coils.  This will help it last longer.  New fridges have mostly insulated coils so you may not see them.  A good exterior project is the gutters.  These should be cleared of debris at least twice a year.

Find Your Emergency Shutoffs

It is best to locate the shutoff valves and breaker box before you need to find them in an emergency.  The main ones you want to locate are the water and gas shutoff valves.  Find you breaker box and label the breakers.  If you have a sump pump, locate it and test it.  You certainly don’t want to wait until the basement is full of water to realize it does not work.

Hopefully, you are able to put these tips into a regular preventative maintenance program.  Your wallet will thank you later.

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