Helpful Tips for Your Home Inspection

You have your house on the market and you know a home inspection will, most likely, be done.  There are a few ways to make that inspection move a little smoother.

  1. Get a Pre-Inspection.  This is not a requirement, but it may be a good way to make some repairs if you have not, but plan to, put your house on the market.
  2. Straighten up the house.  You will want to make sure the inspector can move freely through the house.  Removing clutter can make it easier for the inspector to see and get to places in the home that they will need to look at.  You will want to move boxes and items away from outlets and major appliances so they can easily get to/see them.
  3. Write up a list of home improvements.  This does not have to have a lot of detail; it is more of an outline of repairs done to the home.  Especially, you will want to list large item repairs such as a new hot water tank, furnace or roof.

Finally, if you cannot get a pre-inspection done, there are many home checklists online that can help. These checklists will have information as to what the inspector will be looking for.  You will be able to look around your house and mark down potential items that may be red flagged.

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