Home Staging on a Budget

Did you know that on average for every $1 spent on staging your home will increase the sale price by $2? Home staging is a valuable asset when showcasing the qualities and potential of your home while adding value to the final selling price. The following tips and tricks will allow you to make the most bang for your buck.


5 “Ize” of Home Staging

1. De-Personalize: Giving buyers a neutral view of the home will allow them to picture themselves living in the home with their family, instead of seeing the house as the sellers.

  • Put away personal/collection items
  • Three words to remember; hunting, religion, and sports
  • Set the table
  • Remove items that take away the central purpose of a room (i.e Televisions in the bedroom)



2. Maximize: Buyers are viewing your home at face value. By decluttering and organizing your home will allow the buyer to see the amount of space that is available.

  • Clear unnecessary clutter from closets
  • Clear out spaces that are used for storage
  • Remove rugs


3. Sanitize: Again, buyers will see what you show them. Making sure your home is clean and well-maintained will be more appealing to your buyers.

  • Spray down walls, follow up with paint as needed
  • Clear countertops
  • White bath and hand towels on display

4. Modernize: Giving your home a facelift will prevent those interested in your home from thinking that the home is dated, which could result in a lower offer.

  • Use matching hangers – visual impact
  • Painting cabinets
  • Simple changes like replacing gold fixtures with nickel or chrome


5. Neutralize: Don’t scare off buyers with loud paint colors. Choosing neutral colors will change the presentation of your home, at a low cost.

  • Use gender neutral-colors
  • Color coordinate




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