How a Texas Federal Judge’s Ruling Could Impact the Eviction Moratorium

A Texas Federal Judge’s ruling could influence the breakdown of the protection that protects renters from being evicted. This eviction moratorium prevents multifamily landlords from evicting tenants who have not been able to pay their rent. The eviction moratorium was set in place by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention under the Trump administration. And under the Biden administration was extended to continue protection of renters during the coronavirus pandemic.


The ruling on February 25 does not directly end the prohibition of the evictions but argued that the CDC’s eviction moratorium was unconstitutional.  And with back rent already between $34 billion and $70 billion, landlords could start pushing back and test their boundaries by starting to evict tenants. Although the renters are still protected, the landlords can argue that the law was ruled unconstitutional if questioned.


For now, the eviction moratorium is still in place and is currently protecting the 30-40 million renters that are at risk of losing their homes. If the moratorium expires or landlords start to evict tenants, it might start the “looming crisis of evictions and foreclosures,” according to CoStar News’ Cara Smith-Tenta. If you would like more information about the Texas ruling and the effects it might have on the eviction moratorium, read Smith-Tenta’s original article here!


Blog By: Haley McCarty