How to Make the Best Offer On a Home

It is a reoccurring theme for the last few months; the number of homes available for sale is low.  With the lack of inventory, sellers are often receiving multiple offers on their home.  Nonetheless, that if you are looking to buy, this can make the process frustrating.  Numerous buyers state that they have been getting outbid and  multiple times.  Here are some tips to help you get that winning offer.

  1. Talk to your Real Estate Agent – Agents will be familiar with the area and can find the market trends.  They can, also, look up comparable sales to see what price homes have sold for, in that area, in the previous months.
  2. Get Pre-Approved – A pre-approval for a mortgage is a great thing to have and they are usually good for six months.   This will show proof, right from the start, that you have the funds to cover the offer.  Also, this will put you a step ahead of those who would  still have to get preapproved.
  3. Go With a Good Number –  If you want your offer to be competitive do not go in with a low-ball offer.  Your agent will help with a number that would keep you in the running for the home.
  4.  Negotiations –  This is another area where you will want to have your agent help you.  They can suggest how much to raise the offer to keep you still in the chance to buying the home.

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