How to Sell a Home with Foundation Issues

If you own a home you know, that as the years go on, the house can settle.  When you need to worry is when you start seeing cracks, bulges and holes in the foundation.  This can mean that your foundation has problems that need fixing.   Here are a few other items to look.


  • Areas of upheaval in the foundation
  • Large cracks, both vertical and horizontal
  • Chimney(s) that lean and have moved away from the house
  • A gap between the house and trim
  • A wall that has turned because the foundation has come out of the ground


  • Cracks in the floors, walls and foundation
  • Cracks around the fireplace
  • Moisture in the crawlspace or standing water around the foundation
  • Floors that are not level
  • Gaps between the walls and the floors or ceiling

What to do now?  You can speak with a structural engineer to get an estimate on what repairs need to be done, if it is repairable.  Now that you have an idea of the repairs, you can chose to either sell the house “As-Is” and not do any repairs, or make the necessary repairs.  If you decide to repair the foundation, it is best to hire a professional and not try to fix it yourself.  Make sure that the professional you hire is licensed in the state.  It is always best to get quotes from three companies, then you have several quotes to compare.  General cracks can cost from $300-$800.  Some of the more costly repairs include fixing a house that shows considerable shifting.  This may mean that there are multiple items to repair such as installing piers and reinforcing the walls.  Depending on the severity, this can cause upwards of $20,000.

However, do not fret if your home does need foundation fixes and you don not want to repair it.  There are people out there that will buy a house with these issues.

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