Is Your Home Ready for the Cooler Weather?

As the weather turns cooler, there are some home maintenance items that you will want to do before the snow flies.

1.  Reduce drafts around windows and doors.

There are several ways to reduce drafts.  This can include adding weather stripping, using draft blockers or filling in the gaps around the windows with such items as temporary caulking.  Also, you can re-glaze windows where the glaze has chipped off.

2.  Switch the circulation of your fans.

What?  Yes, this is a real item to do.  In the summer, you want your fans to pull the warm air up.  Your fan should be rotating counter-clockwise.  In the winter, you will want that warmer air at the surface.  In order for that to happen, you should have your fans rotating clockwise.

3. Remove leaves from the gutters.

I know, this can be a pain to do, but it is necessary.  It is important to remove any blockage from the gutters that could cause that water to leak back into the house.  You certainly do not want to have to do this is on a cold, snowy day.

4.  Have your furnace checked out.

Just like with the gutters, you do not want to wait until this becomes an issue to get it fixed.  I am sure the HVAC folks, also, would appreciate getting this done early as well so they aren’t rushed during the first cold snap.

5.  Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Honestly, this is something that should be done periodically during the year.  It is recommended to change the batteries when the time changes, but really anytime is good.  You just have to remember to do it.  During the colder weather it is especially important, since you will spending more time indoors and the house will be more closed up.


There are more ways to winterize your home in the Fall.  Please click the links below for additional information.


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