A little about me

Joe Marich a.k.a "The Peoples Realtor"

As a Paramedic and Firefighter, I have always had the urge to help others and serve my community. I graduated from Eastlake North High School, in Lake County. Throughout my life, I was a wrestler, football lineman, and began my own personal training business. In 2013, I decided to move to Austinburg. That's when I fell in love with Ashtabula County and everything it has to offer. Now, most of my extra energy goes towards raising my two beautiful daughters and working out. 

Real estate is a good fit for me for a variety of reasons. I believe I have qualities that make other people feel more comfortable in tough situations. I am passionate about getting the job done right the first time while caring about the outcome. And lastly, I care about making people happy and landing them in their forever home. 

That is my goal, to help you find you a forever home and make the transition for you the most friendly, honest, and easiest manner possible.

I look forward to working with you!