Making It Work as a First Time Homebuyer

Buying a home for the first time can be a bit scary.  There is so much to think about including the home that you want, the mortgage, down payments, the closing costs…ugh!  Not to worry.  There are ways to make your first purchase a smooth transaction.  Here are a few of those ways.

The first one is the easy one.  Find a good agent!  I can help with that.  We have not only good agents, but great agents here at Novella Realty (unselfish plug) that can help you out.  Give our office a call at 440-624-0432.

Next, there are many costs associated with purchasing a home but, also, ways to help alleviate those costs. Look into First Time Homebuyer Programs.  Many of these give some sort of discount, with some even saying “no closing costs”.  There are, also, programs that require little to no down payments. You can find these programs through public or private companies.

Thirdly, you are looking at a time where the supply of homes for sale is rather low.  Expand from homes and look into condos or townhouses.  With a condominium association, many of the outdoor expenses are included is the association fees.  A lot of times, these fees will include water, snowplowing, and external paving.  In some cases, HVAC repair, plumbing fixes and electric repairs may be included.  While these homes are a lot smaller, they are also more affordable.  With the lower payments, you can allow yourself to build up some money to eventually purchase a larger home.

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