Refinishing Your Bathtub: Should you DIY or Hire a Pro?

Looking to update your bathroom without a complete remodel? Consider refinishing your bathtub. It can give your space a modern touch without the extensive work. You can either tackle it yourself with guidance or hire a professional for a higher cost.

First, it is important to understand some basic bathtub finishing terms:
Refinishing:  Replace the old finish to cover chips and scratches.
Resurfacing: Corrects surface imperfections by filling scratches.
Reglazing: Adds protective coating to the tub’s surface.

Some clues to know if your bathtub needs to be refinished: it has lost its shine or is chipping, has faded paint, or you have difficulty cleaning the grime off.

If you decide to refinish your bathtub, it is important to consider the cost as refinishing is often less than replacement, older tubs are better candidates for refinishing. Keep in mind that refinishing works for minor scratches, chips, and wear; however, replacement might be necessary for severe damage.

Final Thoughts
DIY kits are available with supplies like epoxy, brushes, and sprayers, but do not skip out on the safety precautions as they are crucial. These can include masks, gloves, and goggles. While it is possible to do this, it may not match the results a professional would give you as they have access to specialized technology and often achieve higher-quality results due to experience and tools.

The cost varies based on tub materials, and size. Refinishing can revitalize your bathtub as older tubs can gain 10-15 years of life when refinished. Remember that replacement is pricier but might be necessary for significant damage or remodeling plans.


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