Selling a Home As-Is

Did you inherit a home and it need work?  Do you have an older home that you do not want to or cannot repair?  Selling your home ‘As-Is’ might be the route for you.  When you sell a home ‘As-Is’, you are basically telling the buyer that you do not plan to do any repairs and they will be purchasing the house in its current condition.  Make sure you have the term ‘As-Is’ included in the listing.  This term will let buyers know that the house is in need of some improvements.


There are several advantages to selling “As-Is’.  First, you can put it on the market quickly and not worry about making repairs.  Secondly, this is also a helpful way to sell your home when you don’t have the extra money to make repairs.  Perhaps, you inherited this home and the home was not updated recently.  This allows you to sell the home without making those updates. If the home is in a safety hazard, selling ‘As-Is’ is useful.  Properties that need some work (or a lot) get the interest of real estate investors, many of which pay in cash.

Low Cost Improvements

How can you do some work on these properties without spending big bucks?  Initially, cleaning out clutter is a huge help.  Not only is it easier to navigate through, but potential buyers can see the available space and envision, easier, how they can change it.  Also, deep clean the home.  Find ways to make it a little brighter and less dingy.  Some ways to do this include adding a coat of neutral colored paint or cleaning the carpet.  However, it is not just the inside you can spruce up for a low cost.  You can find low-cost ways to spruce up the outside.  Perhaps the grass is tall, a fresh cut can do wonders for the appearance.

If you are going to sell ‘As-Is’, just make you and your agent price it right.  Take into consideration the amount of work and money that will need to be put into the home.  However, do not get lowballed by a buyer.  A real estate agent is the way to go to make sure that does not happen.  If you are looking you an agent, we have a great team of agents that can help you out.

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