The Ins & Outs of Home Inspections


Congratulations on having your offer accepted, now it is time to get the home inspected.  How do you find a reputable, licensed inspector?  A quick answer is to speak with your real estate agent.  They can give you a few names.  Also, there are websites where you can find licensed inspectors in your area.


You have found your inspector and have the inspection schedule.  Initially, they will look over the Residential Property Disclosure to see what issues may have occurred in the past. The inspector will do a general overview of the property looking for potential safety hazards, structural issues, and items that are not up to code (such as not having GFCI outlets in the kitchen and bathroom).   They will make note of any current issues, suggest needed repairs, and prepare their inspection report.  Lastly, you will receive a copy of the report to see what repairs may be needed.

*Note:  It is not required, but recommended that you are there when the inspection happens, along with your real estate agent.  This gives you a chance to get a closer look at the house and to ask any questions you may have for the inspector while you are all on site.


After you have reviewed the inspection report with your agent, it is time to see what needs to be fixed.  You can negotiate these into the sale contract.  There are certain items that sellers will be required to repair; this is mainly structural defects, building code violations, and safety issues.  Many small repairs, you can probably fix on your own, and the sellers would, more thank likely, allow (and appreciate) you to do so.

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