What is the MLS?

Oftentimes, a real estate agent will mention the MLS, but what is it exactly?  In essence, the MLS, or Multiple Listing System, is a database where a real estate agent enters information about a home they are listing for sale or rent. The MLS listings are not national but more a regional listings of available homes.   This information is visible tp agents who subscribe to the listing service.  Agents can then share the information with their Clients.  Many websites, like Realtor.com or Zillow, pull information from the MLS and place it on their website.

Is there an advantage to having your listing on the MLS?  Yes, exposure! Exposure! Exposure!  All agents within the MLS’s region will be able to see your listing.  This means you will reach more than just the people driving by your house, seeing your “For Sale” sign.  Another advantage is that you will be working with an agent who will help you through the process of your home sale.

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