Where Does My Property Tax Money Go?

The Ashtabula County Auditor announces the release of over $38 million is property tax money.  This money comes after collection of the year’s second-half taxes.  It aides the county’s schools, municipalities and government agencies.  The majority of the the money goes to the county’s schools.  Ashtabula City collect the most funds in 2022, receiving $1.3 million.  Conneaut, the second highest receiver in 2022, collects $1.0 million in property tax money.

How is your tax money broken down to these resources?  Thankfully, you can find this information by going to the auditor’s website (https://auditor.ashtabulacounty.us/dnn) then searching for your property.  Once you arrive at the main page of your property summary, look on the left side of the page.  On the left side, there will be several options to choose from such as values, dwelling, and tax summary.  However, you want to look for the tax distribution tab.  Clicking there, you can see the breakdown of where your property tax dollars go based on specific levy’s.  Here is an example of what you will see.

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